Week 1: Review and Rewind

This week has been really tough! Firstly, it's hard to find someone to model during a weekday, so I ended up having a bunch of self-portraits. Secondly, I'm running out of ideas. I may have to go back and develop an idea further and see where it can go. Despite the difficulties, I've come to really really like black and white photos! I almost never take pictures in b/w, I usually manipulate it in LR in post-processing. But this is the first time where I actually shot in B/W (everyday except day 1). I'm beginning to see things around me in a different light (literally!).

Thoughts and things learned this week:

Day 1: This was my first time using the remote controller. Focus was on auto focus and the camera was focusing all over the place. I didn't know how to make it focus on a certain spot without putting it on manual. That's why the picture is a bit blurry.

Day 2: Learned how to make remote auto focus on certain points! Shine a flash light on the spots you want it to focus on! (read it in a blog post, not my genius idea). Once auto focus is correct, shift to manual and click away. Oh, and there are three settings on the remote control mode: Delayed (2s), quick-response remote, and remote mirror lock-up. Use the quick-response so that there is no delay. High shutter speed helps to capture the movement. Had to practice this quite a bit, may have sprained my neck a bit.

Day 3: Developing more on the auto focus technique. Using almost no external light source, I used a headlamp (didn't have a flashlight) and directed it towards my face. Manual setting with auto focus. High shutter speed and low ISO. This made me appreciate the capabilities of this camera under low light scenarios.

Day 4: Channeling Terry Richardson. His style is very distinctive, with bright lights on a white background . His subject is set in mundane situations and often wearing his glasses. I'm not sure how he removes the shadows from the flash. Is this post-process? or does he use back fill lights?

Day 5: Textures. Black and white photography really brings out the textures in everyday life. This is a sweater I have sitting in my closet that I thought had nice textures. When photographed in black and white, it creates this lush, weave. Will have to use this again.

Day 6: I tried to remove the flash shadows this time around by having model sit closer to the wall. I think this fixed it?

Day 7: I think I took this without look through any view finder. No external cropping was added. The sun was very bright and setting around 2 o'clock time. Not the best for b/w/ photography as the contrast is too harsh. Will need to explore this later.

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