What to expect:

Portraits will be shot either outdoors or indoors for the entire session, or it could move from one to the other. Each session lasts for approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour. Please arrive on time, contact me if you are running late.

What to wear:

Please wear a simple black v-neck tshirt.

You may also bring the following if you’d like other looks:

Men - dress shirts, crew necks, textured sweaters, v-neck, and turtle necks. Jackets (leather, blazer, etc.).

Women - stretchy tops, sweaters, velvet, satin, scoop necks, spaghetti strap, tank tops and v-necks. Jackets (leather, blazer, etc.)

Solid colors generally work best. Dark colors or dark jeans on the bottom.


Men – Little to no makeup. Some blotting powder if possible (I will provide if you don’t have any)

Women – Professional makeup if possible. If not, please wear SLIGHTLY heavier makeup than your usual routine.

1. Always err on the matte side. It's better to look too matte than too oily.

2. Skip the spf, unless you are shooting outside. Sunscreens and foundations with SPF will reflect the light and give you a white cast in flash photography and film with lighting set up.

3. Blotting sheets are your friend! It's a good way to remove oil without moving around foundation. Use blotting sheets before you are really oily so the foundation doesn't break down.

4. Have all of your color makeup be a couple notches stronger than usual because cameras will always wash out your makeup.